Felicita Brusoni

Felicita Brusoni

“What impresses you the most when getting the first time into the IAC is certainly the cozy atmosphere inside: people having a coffee, people talking, people going around with funny ideas in their head. It feels like you have another home, even because you have easy access to all the facilities you need and could ask for. The staff at the IAC in particular is strongly willing to help you with any kind of request or problem, even to answer simple every-day questions. […]”

Soprano – Vocal performer

PhD research project: “A Voice Beyond the Edge”

PhD supervisor: Kent Olofsson (main), Karin Johansson (second)

Institution: Malmö Academy of Music

Period: September 2020 – August 2026

My research project is situated within the topic of exploring new fields in the scenario of the extra-normal voice, and the main goal is to find tools that could provide upgrades for singers and composers.

Many kinds of sounds will be considered and explored as empirical material, with the aid of experts and dedicated laboratories. I will conduct a practical research on myself and, as an extension of that, on other singers through workshops and lectures about some specific topics, like the special techniques used by folk singers. I will also have active collaborations with existing institutions around extra-normal voice.

One of the aims of my project is to give Malmö a leading place on the international map about this topic. The research outputs will be gathered into a new-born Archive of Extended Vocal Techniques, which will use new technology to translate the research into directly applicable information. The Archive will have a physical presence inside the Library in the Malmö Academy of Music and a digital presence as well.

My intention is also to run a new music vocal ensemble and to organise concerts and calls for scores dedicated to the extra-normal voice.

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