Fernando Garnero

Fernando Garnero

“The IAC is an ideal space for any artist and researcher: it provides a workplace equipped with all the necessary material, a highly competent and accessible team, and an efficient, simple and open organization. But most of all, it is a place that brings about human, artistic and research encounters, those encounters that nourish our practice and place it in the collective space of creation.”

PhD research project: “Towards extended and highly diversified composable spaces”

PhD supervisor: Michael Edward Edgerton

Institution: Malmö Academy of Music

Period: September 2020 – August 2024

The purpose of this PHD project is to develop a new research approach regarding extended and diversified musical “composable spaces”, understood as a playground of object interactions and operations that are constructed on various superimposed planes. 

Besides the project also aims to create new research methodologies on different ways of interacting and overlapping with other art forms; and on specific ways of making decisions in a trans-media creative context involving several actors. The starting point was to identify specific questions of the targeted research field: 

  • What artistic methodology can be created in order to produce new knowledge regarding heterogeneous and multiple composable spaces?
  • How can trans-medial artistic activity experience be used in the production process of creating new tools for artistic research?

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