Application deadline: 29 September 2023

Games constitute a multidisciplinary field which the workshop series reflects by exploring various methods and tools within game design in both digital and physical environments. The project offers an opportunity to transform and develop aspects of one’s own artistic practices into a game-based form. Participants will also collaborate in smaller groups, where different skills and shared questions can cross-pollinate in the development of joint game projects. Lectures will be given in related areas such as AI, robotics, and cognitive research.

Speakers and workshop leaders include: Lissa Holloway-Attaway, Honey Biba Beckerlee, Maaike Bleeker, Francis Patrick Brady, Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley, Ali Eslami, Hedvig Jalhed, Birger Johansson, Jussi Parikka, Bella Rune, Karin Ryding, Samantha Stedtler, Fredrik Trella, Anders Visti and others.

The lecture and workshop series is organized by IAC and Region Skåne.

As a participant, you can expect to gain both various practical skills and analytical tools that will benefit you in future developments and presentations of game-based concepts.


We encourage artists from all artistic disciplines, such as performing arts and visual arts, as well as professionals within cultural heritage who want to acquire tools to explore and develop game-based art as form, pedagogy and critical reflection, to apply. This call also extends to game developers and film makers intrigued by an exploratory, artistic, analytical and multi-disciplinary approach to their craft.

What we need in your application:

  • Describe your intention and motivation (max 1 page)
  • CV (max 1 page)
  • If you are an artist, submit a link to a webpage with 3 to 5 work samples, or a pdf portfolio that are relevant for the project and represent your practice.
  • All application material, except for the work samples, should be gathered in one final pdf document and send to Title in subject field: 1,2,3 Playtime – application.

The description of your intention and motivation should answer the following questions:

  • What themes and questions would you like to explore? 
  • What professional experience, knowledge, artistic or technical skills could you contribute with in a joint exploratory game development project? 
  • Describe your expectations around the project?

What we look for in your application

  • We are both interested in applicants’ individual pedagogical and/or artistic questions and intentions, as well as finding a match between participants.
  • An understanding of and a motivated interest in investigating the field of collaborative and interdisciplinary practices.

Structure and output

  • Participant meeting 1 and lectures in conjunction with Immersive Days #3. November 22nd–23rd.
  • Participant meeting 2 – to plan for workshops during the latter part of the spring. December 6th.
  • The programme will continue throughout spring 2024 with 14 lectures and 10 workshops.
  • Full day public seminar. March 7th.
  • 5 scheduled sessions for own work under supervision and programming support in the period March–June.
  • Possible feedback and support when needed during the process from IAC. This can be access to studios and technical equipment for Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), as well as video and sound work to facilitate new artistic approaches to art, technology and gameplays.
  • Concluding exhibition and feedback session. September 2024 at IAC.

Find the preliminary programme here (255 kB, PDF, new tab).

Artist fee: 8 000 SEK
An artist fee will be paid to everyone who participated and completed the project and whose participation was not paid for by an institution. The artist must invoice the total fee amount. The invoicing party is required to hold a valid VAT number.

Application deadline: 29 September 2023

Jury decision announcement: 9 October 2023

Prior knowledge and technical prerequisites
No prior knowledge is required, but for a couple of workshops you need to have e.g. Python and Unity installed on your own computer in advance. If this is not more than 5–6 years old, it should work, but if you aim to create complex 3D content, more computing power may be required. At least 16Gb in ram is then recommended. If necessary, one of the powerful desktop computers at the IAC can be used. We will work in free versions for the most part but pay for a 12 month license of Polycam Pro.

If you have questions, please contact:

Read more about the Immersive Days #3 here.

Funded with support from Region Skåne.