Inter Arts Center (IAC) is a platform for artistic research and research in music education, research education, cross-disciplinary art and research, and cooperation with both academic and artistic partners. It is part of the Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts at Lund University and operates in close dialogue with the three academies Malmö Art Academy, Malmö Academy of Music and Malmö Theatre Academy.

IAC is a center that facilitates meetings between the faculty’s researchers and both the rest of the university and the society at large.

IAC was established in 2010 and is located on the fourth floor of the old Mazetti chocolate factory, in central Malmö. It is a work and meeting place for researchers and artists who use the advanced technical facilities for short and long-term projects. The center includes sound, video and artist studios, and venues for performances, concerts, installations, screenings, talks and seminars.

With several calls and collaborative residencies throughout the year, IAC aims to create a strong cross-disciplinary environment for artistic inquiry, development, production, and exchange. As a unique place for experimentation, IAC particularly supports and promotes the development of process, research and technology-based art, and prioritize cross-disciplinary projects.

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