Axel Berger & Josh Vyrtz: PLUG-FAIR

Axel Berger & Josh Vyrtz: PLUG-FAIR

Josh and Axel have been creating performance art and experimental theatre since 2017. They have shown their work in galleries and festivals across Europe, at the Edinburgh Fringe festival, Stockholm Fringe festival and the Chalton gallery in London, among others.

For Immersive Days they will present a new version of their ongoing performance series PLUG-FAIR / through a glass, darkly, which is a promenade performance where two performers (the deadpan guide and a second ‘virtual’ character who performs remotely via a laptop which is gaffa taped to the head of the guide), lead their audience on a one-hour long journey.

Corrupted site-specific information, disjointed autobiographical references and sleep deprived ramblings are narrated as the audiences are led through sports fields, shops, multi-storey car parks and hotel suites in this immersive odyssey.

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Photo: Josh Vyrtz

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