Karolina Erlingsson: Camera

Karolina Erlingsson: Camera

In 2020, the video work “Camera” was produced at the IAC, which was shown in the exhibition ‘DUO’ at the Format Gallery in Malmö, among others.

“In Erlingsson’s “Camera”, the body appears as a surface, an anonymous, shadowy shape against the light. I have never met a ghost, but I have often felt a haunting of a person, an event, of values and of habits. I have also occasionally felt my own being as a ghostly transparency, detached from the materiality of my surroundings and the bodies in it. It is this sensation of detachment, a form of weakness, my body remembers when watching Erlingsson’s video. Light leaks into the dark and the dark into the light. Things appear just to disappear. The body is present in the role of a translator, a mediator, trying to create the perfect conditions for an image to appear. An image that never quite reveals itself. Or perhaps it is doing the opposite: guarding the things hidden in the darkness from the touch of the light? The body seems to be trapped in this liminal space, eternally adjusting the amount of light entering into the room, like the shutter of a camera. The time in the room circles and layers creating a vortex with no beginning or no end.

In Erlingsson’s work the body traces the logic of a system creating an event. An event that draws my attention to the process of seeing more than to the thing that is seen. It performs the connection of the eye, the body and the surrounding world. It performs the exchange of seeing and being seen. For isn’t this the way the world appears to us?”

– Essi Kausalainen, exhibition text

Download the exhibition text here (PDF, 108 kB, new tab)

See the exhibition at gallery Format here – galleriformat.nu

Have a look on an excerpt of the video on Vimeo

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