Collettivo_21 is a contemporary music ensemble, formed by young professionals, born in Piacenza (Italy) in 2015 at the Conservatorio “G. Nicolini”. Defined as an eclectic ensemble, Collettivo_21 has been working since its beginnings with musicians and composers from all over Italy and Europe and explores different aspects of contemporary classical music, often going beyond the boundaries that define it as such, collaborating with festivals and contemporary art exhibitions and artists such as Giovanni Sollima, Umberto Petrin, Marco Domenichetti, Evan Parker, Ike Willis, Elio (of Elio e le storie tese), Gianpaolo Antongirolami, Walter Prati, Alessandro Perini, Claudio Panariello, Alessandro Baldessari and Camilla Hoitenga. Collettivo_21 premiered works by Frederic Rzewski, Giorgio Colombo Taccani, Riccardo Dapelo, Luca Guidarini, Luca Ricci, Claudio Panariello, Alessandro Bono, Carlo Alessandro Landini, Matteo Tundo, Irlando Danieli, Luca Brignole, as well as Italian premieres by Alexander Schubert, Diana Soh, Jean-Claude Risset, Marco Momi and others.

For the concert at IAC Collettivo_21 will present F__eP__oE__

F__eP__oE__s is a project that aims to promote a contemporary production that contemplates an extended vision of the timbre and instrumental possibilities of the flute and piano duo, with the implementation of electronics. This project is based on the concept of electronics not as an addition or ornament, but as an integral part of the proposed programme, which is therefore configured as a true trio, in which the three instruments interface as equals, generating through their combinations a change of perspective on the use of the instruments themselves.


1. Luca Guidarini, ‘Still Life – electric matter with living flesh*’, for flute, piano and electronics, 2021, 8’ Listen to the piece on Youtube.

2. Daniele Ghisi, ‘Electronics Studies – Glissando for electronics, 2017’ Listen to the piece on Soundcloud.

3. Marco Momi, ’Reloading Vanishing’, for flute, 2012, 6’’

4. Daniele Ghisi, ‘Electronics Studies – Money Notes for electronics, 2017 , 1’ Listen to the piece on Soundcloud.

5. Alessandro Bono, Thrust Game, for piano and electronics, 2022, 8’

6. Diana Soh, [p][t][k], for piccolo and electronics, 2011-2012, 5’ Listen to the piece on Youtube.  

7. Marco Momi, ‘Almost Close’, for piano and electronics, 2015, 10’

8. Daniele Ghisi, ‘Electronics Studies – Clapping for electronics, 2017-… , 1′ Listen to the piece on Soundcloud.

9. Arshia Sansaminia, ‘Micro Moments V*’, for flute, piano and electronics, 2021, 10’ Listen to the piece on Soundcloud.  

10. Daniele Ghisi, ‘Electronics Studies – Goodbye ‘for electronics, 2017-…, 1’ Listen to the piece on Soundcloud.

11. Franck Bedrossian, The Edges are no longer parallel, for piano and electronics, 2013, 10’ Listen to the piece on Youtube.

12. Daniele Ghisi, ‘Electronics Studies – Gute Nacht’ for electronics, 2017-…, 3’ Listen to the piece on Soundcloud.