ESS Artistic Residency: Christine Kettaneh / Natalia Milas

ESS Artistic Residency: Christine Kettaneh / Natalia Milas

The London-trained economist, Christine Kettaneh, is fluent in the highly metaphoric language of liquidity and viscosity inherent to the world’s most flexible ‘good’: capital. Then, later trained in an art school, Christine now experiments with a system of codes in which these infinite operations and equations turn into sculptural shapes, at the same time that they disintegrate into pure chaos.

For ESS’s Nanocosmic Investigations, Christine Kettaneh paired up with Natalia Milas. Natalia is an accelerator physicist working on the ESS proton accelerator. She joined ESS in 2017 and works with high-level applications that will be used to characterise the proton beam. She has also been involved in the preparation and commissioning of the accelerator, and has been helping Christine understand the different magnets used and the electromagnetic forces created along the accelerator that are responsible for focusing and accelerating the beam.

In the coded animation, Christine has done some preliminary exploration to try and visualise the possible ways a positive sign can go towards the horizontal. She has the asymmetry between matter and antimatter in mind, but most importantly, the horizontal path of the protons. More information about all the artists involved in the ESS Artist Residency can be found on the Inter Arts Centre website (Link in bio). The residency is part of the collaborative project Wisdome Innovation, funded by the European Regional Development Fund among others.

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