ESS Artistic Residency: Ish S / Bryan Jones

ESS Artistic Residency: Ish S / Bryan Jones

Our third artist-scientist collaboration in the ESS Artistic Residency is between Ish S based in New Delhi, and Bryan Jones, accelerator physicist at ESS.

Ish Shehrawat is a composer, sound artist, curator and musician, and his primary fields of interest are sound art and installations, along with electro-acoustic and improvised music. Trained as a classical guitar player, he has produced various sound art installations, albums and composed music for independent short films, plays, performances, Video/ Media Art projects and contemporary dance recitals worldwide. 

“It has been a fruitful discovery of new thought processes along with a reconnection with ideas and techniques applied in the past. I will be looking forward to working on some of them, like Graphical Scores across Spatial Installations and exploring some new musical and compositional paths that can be applied to electro-acoustical music and sound,” said Ish. Ish also curates the Sound Reasons Festival for sound art and experimental electronic music since 2012.

Bryan gave a virtual tour of the accelerator for the artists involved in the residency. He explains: “I joined ESS last year as the section leader for the low energy section of the Linear Accelerator, or linac – here low means up to 40% of the speed of light! I manage a team of technical experts and technicians to build, commission and soon operate the various complex systems which make up the linac.” 

The residency is part of the collaborative project Wisdome Innovation, funded by the European Regional Development Fund among others.

You can listen to some of Ish S’s work here.

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