25% PhD Seminar: artistic presentation / A Voice Beyond the Edge / Inter Feral Arts Festival
Felicita Brusoni
Location: Red Room

What links all these four musical pieces together is the concept of going beyond the limits of voice, in four different ways. Through my research I am trying to push further the borders of my vocal comfort zone, to be able to “break on through to the other side”. In that particular zone, the edge, two opposite possibilities come out: to discover new worlds for the voice or to set the boundaries of physical vocal limits.

Within this concert program I would like to investigate how the use of the extranormal voice, coined by Edgerton, could be inserted in different musical settings.


Erin Gee Mouthpiece II

Vinko Globokar Jenseits der Sicherheit

Carola Bauckholt Die Alte

Michael Edward Edgerton Anaphora

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Event dates
13 October, 19:00