50% PhD seminar and documentation
Tanja Hylling Diers
Location: Red Room

A 50% PhD seminar by doctoral student Tanja Hylling Diers at Malmö Theatre Academy who will present her doctoral project “Who Cares? – an embodied practice of caring and listening”. The project investigates artistic processes where people with specific lived experiences and with no artistic training work in a joined collaboration with artists.

Friday, 19 January, at 10:00: 50% PhD seminar. Opponent: Bojana Kunst, Professor at ATW – Institut für Angewandte Theaterwissenschaft, Justus-Liebig University Giessen.

On Thursday, 18 January at 15:00–17:00, there will be a showing of a documentation of the music performance Stille slag, which is a part of the PhD project.

Tanja Hylling Diers is a dramaturge, curator and theatre maker based in Copenhagen and Malmö working mostly with documentary theatre and performance. She is cand.mag from University of Copenhagen in Performance Studies and Danish in 2011 and has since then worked with a broad range of theatre venues and theatre groups in the independent field mostly in Denmark. Her research evolves around concepts like care ethics, listening practices and dramaturgy and temporality.

For any interest in further material, please contact via email: tanja.hylling_diers@thm.lu.se

Read more about Tanja Hylling Diers as one of the PhD candidates working at IAC.

Photo credits: Stille Slag, Østerbro Teater, photo: Søren Meisner

Event dates
18 January, 15:00
19 January, 10:00