50% PhD Seminar
Felicita Brusoni
Location: Red Room

The 50% seminar of Felicita Brusoni’s doctoral project “A Voice Beyond the Edge”, taking place in the context of the Inter Feral Arts Festival, will be a discussion between Juliet Fraser (soprano specializing in contemporary music) and Brusoni. Starting from the overarching research question, “What do extended vocal techniques represent today?”, Brusoni will discuss (and dismantle) the term “extended” and recontextualize vocal behaviors typically referred to with that term from a broader and more ecologic perspective.

She will then present topics related to the contemporary music singer practice and its relation to extended techniques: the use of improvisation to develop vocal abilities, the research on specific techniques, the negotiation with the composer during rehearsal and performance, the collaboration on the creation of new pieces based on dedicated extended techniques.

Research outputs of the doctoral project will be introduced: two different fruitful forms of co-creation with the composer Andrea Agostini, and a paper dealing with a performer’s perspective on the piece for solo voice “Anaphora” by Michael Edgerton.

Read more about Juliet Fraser – julietfraser.co.uk

Read more about Felicita Brusoni as PhD candidate working at IAC here.

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Event dates
26 November, 11:00