Performance and 50% seminar
Nguyen Thanh Thuy, Malmö Academy of Music
Location: Red Room

Nguyễn Thanh Thủy’s project “The choreography of gender in traditional Vietnamese music” has a dual starting point: the social change in traditional music from private and male activity to public and female performance, and her encounter with experimental, contemporary and Western forms of music. Main questions concern (i) whether and how her performance in traditional contexts support and transmit conventional gender norms, and (ii) if experimental musical practice can be seen as a tool for changing dominating conceptions of gender.

Entry code: 1117

Programme 3 February:

11.00-11:30 Overview presentation of the project, Red Room, fourth floor
11:30-12:15 Exhibition of Inside Outside in the Annex, third floor
13:00-13:30 Performance of Vodou Vibrations (Fahlin/Nguyen) in the White Room. third floor
13:45-16:00 Seminar, Red Room, fourth floor

Exhibition 3 – 7 February:

Inside Outside in the Annex room, third floor
11.00-15.00 everyday 

All welcome!

Event dates
3 February, 11:00