75% Defense Concert of Ensemble Lucilin
Fernando Garnero
Location: Red Room



Fernando Garnero
Campo amniótico (2021)
2 instruments, self-regulated feed-back device & electronics

Sarah Nemtsov
Manhattan (2011)
Flute, viola, percussion, piano & melodica

Fernando Garnero
Contraccolpo (2020)
Saxophone with internal loudspeaker, percussion/microphone & electronics

Igor Silva
Polyester drops (2017)
Synthesizer & electronics

Michael Edgerton
Wasserman (1999)

Fernando Garnero
Mutante (2023)
Flute, viola, percussion, sampler, self-regulated feed-back & electronics


Danielle Hennicot, viola
Sophie Deshayes, flute
Olivier Sliepen, saxophone
Pascal Meyer, keyboards
Guy Frisch, percussion
Fernando Garnero, electronics

Ensemble Lucilin

The ensemble for contemporary music United Instruments of Lucilin was founded in 1999 by a group of passionate and committed musicians and is the only Luxembourgish chamber music ensemble specialised in contemporary music. Dedicated exclusively to promoting and commissioning works of the 20th and 21st century, United Instruments of Lucilin is now known for its outstanding programs around the world. In about 40 concerts a year, Lucilin presents a broad scope of musical events, ranging from “traditional” concerts to music theatre productions, children projects, improvisation sessions as well as discussions with composers. United Instruments of Lucilin organises every year, together with neimënster and the rainy days festival (Philharmonie Luxembourg), the Luxembourg Composition Academy, the only composition masterclass held in Luxembourg, and invites eight young composers to work on a brand new piece. Lately, United Instruments of Lucilin has commissioned works to James Dillon, Fatima Fonte, Giulia Lorusso, Fernando Garnero, Philippe Manoury, Sonja Mutić, François Sarhan, Igor Silva and Stefan Prins.

Fernando Garnero (1976)
Fernando Garnero is an Argentinian-Italian composer, co-director of Swiss ensemble Vortex, Guest Artist by BIFEM (2019-2021), PhD candidate in Artistic Research by Lunds University (Sweden) and former Resident at the French Academy in Rome, Villa Medici (2020-21). His works were played by Contrechamps, Vortex, Accroche Note, Phoenix, Proton, Repertorio Zero, Cairn, Lucilin, Distractfold, Wet Ink, L’imaginaire, Françoise Rivalland, Donatienne Michel-Dansac, on festivals such as Biennale de Venezia, Musica, Huddersfield, Archipel, Unerhoerte Musik Berlin, Mixtur, Warsaw Autumn and commissioned by Biennale de Venezia, Royaumont, SUISA, Mika Salabert, Radio France, French Ministry of Culture, & Teatro Colón, among many others.

Photo credits: Emile Hengen

Read more about Fernando Garnero as PhD candidate working at IAC here.

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Event dates
2 December, 19:00