A Backyard of Affections / Mini-Performance as part of the 25 % PhD seminar
Iury Salustiano Trojaborg
Location: Black Room

Mini-Performance as part of 25 % PhD seminar of the artistic research project “On Ancestrality and Regeneration: Performing Decolonial Journeys” at Malmö Theatre Academy.

“The performance covers two seminal aspects of my life: stories of acceptance, dealing with the loving relationship I developed with my maternal grandmother Voinha; and stories of intolerance, where I delve into my rigid and loveless upbringing as the child of a Navy military commander.”

Duration: 25-30 minutes
The performance and the seminar are open to the public.

Concept and Performance: Iury Salustiano Trojaborg
Direction: Iury Salustiano Trojaborg and Jörgen Dahlqvist
Special guest: Thiago Samambaia

Video “Quintal de Voinha” by Iury Salustiano Trojaborg, Hilnando and Lucas Mendes.
With the participation of Thiago Samambaia, Johanna Ehl and Anna Hillen.

Thanks to
Ulrik Trojaborg
Lilia Maria Vicentin
Neida Leite
Naíza Salustiano

Photo credit: Hilnando

Event dates
4 May, 13:30