“A Short Story About …” – Performance by Heman Chong
Heman Chong, Axel Berger, Adrian Kautsky
Location: Kungshuset, Lund, room: 203

The artist and writer Heman Chong (b. 1977 Muar/Malaysia) invites you to “A Short Story About …”, a performative and participatory transaction consisting of a short story. The text contains 500 words and has never been read or published before. The instructor holds a copy of the text, while the participant has to learn the story verbatim, before he or she is allowed to leave the room.

To book your meeting, sign up at kungshuset2017@gmail.com and mention subject “poem” and the day and time you’d like.

Duration: Approx. 3 hours (depending on your memory)

Photo credits: Heman Chong, “A Short Story About …”, 2009, performance by Boris Charmatz, ‘expo zero’, 72-13, Singapore, photo credits: the artist

Event dates
23 September, 12:00
24 September, 12:00
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