A study of oatmeal porridge – Videoinstallation
Anne Marte Overaa
The most extraordinary things are also the most everyday. The strangest things are often the most trivial and the current notion of the “mythical” is an illusory reflection of this fact. Once separated from its context, (i.e. from how it is interpreted and from the things which reinforce it while at the same time making it bearable) and presented in all its triviality (i.e. in all that makes it trivial, suffocating and oppressive), the trivial becomes extraordinary, and the habitual becomes “mythical”. In the same way, a humble plant taken from the soil and from the plants around it, seen up close, becomes something marvelous. However, once images like this have been separated from their everyday context, it becomes very difficult to articulate them in a way which will present their essential everyday quality.

Critique of Everyday Life 1- Henry Lefebre



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20 October, 17:00
21 October, 12:00
22 October, 12:00