Immersive Days #1: Retrieval, Absurdum Temporary Art / performance
Lisa Mårtensson, Lotta Fahlén
Location: Red Room

Retrieval is a surrealistic odyssey through time and space, memory and imagined landscapes that you cocreate together with soundscapes and a meditation guide.

During the performance you are immersed in acousmatic sound that travels from illustrative to abstract worlds.

In the story we move in a surrealistic narrative that goes from one situation to another without explanations or logic. On this journey through childhood houses, endless corridors and the depth of the ocean we let you meet spirit animals, strangers and your own shadow.

The project is an investigation of participation, how the audience can be co creators of the story and how much or little information that is needed for them to feel free within the frames given by the guide and sound.

Absurdum Temporary Art consists of two artistic directors: Lisa Mårtensson and Lotta Fahlén.

Read more about Absurdum Temporary Art as IAC’s long-term partner.

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Event dates
10 June, 18:00