Yann Coppier / INTONAL 2022
Make Sound / Danish Composer’s Society
Location: Red Room

Acousmatic concert # 3: Yann Coppier

Four pieces made with water as a central element, fully re-composed by Yann Coppier from original recording sessions made in collaboration with sound artists Rúnar Magnusson and Søren Raagaard. In here water follows movement, initiates rhythm, evaporates, explodes or vibrates as its timing, shape and density get manipulated depending on the composer’s needs and will.

Duration of the programme: about 20 minutes.

Photo credits: Ruben Olsen Lærk

Listen and read more about Yann Coppier and Studio Ovale – studio-ovale.com

In cooperation with Make Sound / Danish Composer’s Society – for more information, open the page

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Event dates
22 April, 19:30