Acousmonium workshop
by Alessandro Perini 
Location: Red Room

Duration: 10:00–13:00

Registration required: Please register for the workshop here.

The workshop is addressed to whoever wants to approach live sound diffusion, in the tradition of the acousmonium.

An acousmonium is an orchestra of speakers that can be of very different make and quality, and result in diverse sound rendition. Their placement in space is designed in order to provide the listener with a wide range of possibilities regarding sound direction, distance, movement. The acousmonium can also be thought as an equalizer, with some speakers favouring certain frequency bands more than others.

In this frame, the performer studies and analyses an acousmatic music piece (stereo, fixed media), and spreads sound on the acousmonium by operating the mixer faders.

The workshop will touch upon some historical notions, acousmonium design, differences with dome setups, analysis of acousmatic music in relation to spatial interpretation, spatialization techniques, notation with the software Acousmographe. There will also be time for hands-on practice with the participants. Participants will be provided with one or more short musical fragments to be studied in advance.

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Event dates
27 April, 10:00