Alessandro Perini plays Bernard Parmegiani – De Natura Sonorum – in collaboration with SOUND SPACES
Location: Red Room


Bernard Parmegiani (1927–2013)

De Natura Sonorum, Première série, 1975 (28’03)
– incidences / résonances
– accidents / harmoniques
– géologie sonore
– dynamique de la résonance
– étude élastique
– conjugaison du timbre

De Natura Sonorum, Deuxième série, 1975 (28’40)
– incidences / battements
– natures éphémères
– matières induites
– ondes croisées
– pleins et déliés
– points contre champs

Bernard Parmigiani’s “De Natura Sonorum” whose title echoes Lucretius’ “De Rerum Natura”, explores the multiplicity of sound possibilities. This profuse work, with countless discoveries and dazzling intuitions, has influenced several generations of composers and remains a truly seminal piece in the experimental music soundscape. “De Natura Sonorum”, one of Parmegiani’s masterpieces, has left an indelible mark on the classical period of electroacoustic music.

Alessandro Perini studied Composition, Electronic Music and Science of Musical Communication in Italy and Sweden. His artistic production ranges from instrumental and electronic music to audiovisual and light-based works, net-art, land-art and vibration-based works, recently focusing on custom-built machines.

He has taken part in festivals such as Biennale di Venezia, Milano Musica, BTzM Bludenz, Open Spaces Dresden, Festival Musica Strasbourg, Music Current Dublin, New Directions (Sweden), Procesas (Lithuania), UNM and Nordic Music Days (Iceland, Norway, Sweden), Moscow Forum, ReMusik Saint Petersburg, Tempus Fugit and Distat Terra (Argentina), MATA New York, KLANG Copenhagen, as well as being in residence at Fondazione Spinola Banna per L’Arte (Italy) in 2014 in the music program. A recent CD issued by KAIROS, “The Expanded Body”, gathers some of his solo and chamber music works.

He has participated in multiple artistic residencies including in Chiaravalle (Milano, Italy) for the Imagonirmia Prize (2016), realizing a series of site-specific sound art projects; in 2017 he was in residence at I-Park Foundation in Connecticut (2017); in 2018 at Fondazione Spinola Banna per L’Arte (Italy), where he designed machines to process the clay found on-site; and in 2018 at the BIOART Society in Finnish Lapland; most recently at AIRY sound art (Sweden) and Polytempo (Zurich, Switzerland). He was the recipient of the Commendation Award at the Global Digital Arts Prize, NTU Singapore (2019).

He has taught audiovisual production for the arts at the Conservatory of Como (Italy) and electronic music at the Malmö Academy of Music, as well as in workshops in Italy, Switzerland, Lithuania and South America. He is currently artistic supervisor at the Inter Arts Center in Malmö and teaches Composition at the Conservatory of Cesena (Italy).

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Event dates
28 April, 21:30