Anti-himlakroppar och Drömmar
Josef Söreke, Lavinia Jannesson, Ale Ottenby, Valdemar Sersam and more

Anti-himlakroppar och Drömmar is a Cabaret full of different artistic expressions. A band of visual artists, composers, musicians and actors have been working during a longer period to create a total work of art for all senses, based on two poems from two different epochs. One text is Monika Rincks “Anti-himlakroppar”, published 2007, and it’s a set of variations over an original by the french symbolist writer Jules LaForgue. The other poem is Aphra Behns “The Dream. A Song.”, written in the 17th century. The cabaré is a part of the Connect-festival 2015.


Josef Söreke – composer, Lavinia Jannesson – artist, Ale Ottenby – actor, Valdemar Sersam – bassoonist, Johan Lindén – double bass, Tiina Markkanen – soprano, Synnöve Ekström – soprano, Sara Wilén – mezzosoprano, Frans Klingfors – percussion, Martin Dalin Volsing – composer/violinist, David Riebe – composer, Lily Benson – konstnär , Erik Högström – stage artist, Jonatan Sersam – composer/pianist

Event dates
20 November, 20:00