Artist talk with Marco Marini
Location: Red Room

Marco Marini “De Parmegiani Sonorum” 2020 – 20’41’’

As its name suggests, “De Parmegiani Sonorum” is made exclusively with sounds from Bernard Parmegiani’s sound library. I warmly thank Claude-Anne, his wife, for allowing me to access it in order to compose this tribute to the deceased Master. Marco Marini accompanied Bernard from December 2007 to the end of his life, having been his last assistant at his studio in rue du château, Paris XIV. These years spent rubbing shoulders regularly made them friends and it is with great tenderness that he dedicates this piece composed with his own sounds to him.

These sounds come from all sources, realistic sounds, instrumental, electronic, processed, synthetic etc. In all, 36 analog tapes or 21h 30mn 31sec, which, first digitized, then cut and renamed, gave birth to 1562 audio files. This work of digitization was carried out from March to July 2019 depending on Marco’s availability and that of the CRD Pantin studio in which he carried out this task. Starting in March 2020 and completing in December the same year at the GRM studios with a lock-down between the two months, during which he worked in his personal studio, “De Parmegiani Sonorum” talk about an imaginary encounter with Bernard through his sounds and his universe.

Imbued with a certain degree of spirituality, the encounter takes place in an imagined beyond (the one in which Bernard finds himself), after passing through the Noosphere to converse there with the help of “Parmegian” objects with their author. The overall form is constructed symmetrically with a mirror effect between the second and fifth parts, which represent the go and  return of this journey.

It breaks down as follows:

1.   L’appel (Introduction) 1’04

2.   Noosphère 1 (L’aller) 7’10

3.   Parmegianismes 5’58

4.   Interlude (La salle de « Je ») 1’54

5.   Noosphère 2 (Le retour) 3’06

6.   Solar Spectrum (Final) 1’27

Marco Marini (*1961, Paris) started music in 1979. Professional drummer in differents bands and differents styles (jazz, rock, pop etc.), he graduated from the Dante Agostini school in Paris. He gave workshops for drums and percussions from 1985 to 1998. From 1995 to 2005 he worked as composer, musician and actor in Materia Prima Company. He has been involved in numerous international tours in Swizerland, Germany, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Poland, Lithuania, Belgium, Russia, and has been composing music for drama and choregraphy since then.

His artistic work is oriented in electroacoustic music, composing for theater and dance companies
commissioned by public authorities and also in improvisation with drums and with his own
dedicated textile interface.

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Photo: Marco Marini, photo by F. Jellaoui.

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Event dates
30 April, 16:00