Immersive Days #1: Artist talk
Paolo Thorsen-Nagel

Friday, June 11 at 14.00
Location: Red Room

Paolo Thorsen-Nagel will discuss his practical research on ways of relaying the experience of listening and how the act of listening itself may take the role of interpreter or performer. What then does a score for listening look like?

Paolo Thorsen-Nagel is IASPIS resident and is conducting practical research on different modes of listening for “Your sonic medicine”. How we perceive sound in relation to space, both physical and mental, is the driving force for a series of sonic investigations revolving around our listening sense. These experimental settings aim to produce both, more documentary findings, as well as interactive and performative works.

Paolo Thorsen-Nagel’s IASPIS residency in Malmö is hosted by Signal Center for Contemporary Art.

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Event dates
11 June, 14:00