Leif Holmstrand, Leo Sörlin, Sofi Bornheim, Jonas Örtemark
Location: Black Room

Sculptural installations and sound works (all the Asami Kannon 2015 podcast episodes) by Leif Holmstrand will be shown in the Black Room. These works will be coupled with photographic images by Leo Sörlin, coming from a collaboration with Holmstrand, to be released as a poetic text and photo book during 2016.

Moreover, during December 9-15, 2015, Jonas Örtemark’s wild and enigmatic poetry book AFFIRMATIONERNA, published by Holmstrand Böcker, will have its official release.

Featured models/actors: Sofi Bornheim and Leif Holmstrand.

Event dates
9 December, 00:00
10 December, 00:00
11 December, 00:00
12 December, 00:00
13 December, 00:00
14 December, 00:00
15 December, 00:00