Avskärmad (Screened Off)
Martina Tomner, Ida Höög, Agnes Wästfelt
Location: VR/Sound Lab
  1. Avskärmad (Screened Off) is an experimental music drama project exploring topics such as isolation, ambivalence and power hierarchies in human interactions, and how our perception of reality is influenced by digital communication.

The performance is built around two central characters, a mother and a daughter, whose relationship will be portrayed on stage through music, poetry, and AI generated dialogue. The theme of the project is the challenges presented by physical interactions and nonverbal communication between humans, compared to the effortless “mirroring” offered when talking to an AI.

The project is a collaboration between composer Martina Tomner, recorder player Ida Höög and soprano Agnes Wästfelt.

Open rehearsal
26 May, at 18:00
27 May, at 14:00 (!)

Location: VR/Sound Lab

Read more about Martin Tomner here – martinatomner.com

Listen to Ida Höög’s music on SoundCloud – soundcloud.com/idahoog

Visit Agnes Wästfelt’s webpage – agneswastfelt.se

Event dates
26 May, 18:00
27 May, 14:00