Axel Burendahl
Malmö Gallery Weekend 2023
Location: VR/Sound Lab

In his installation “Squarehead”, consisting of video, sculpture, and text, Axel Burendahl explores questions of intimacy and distance. The installation is centered around a video piece where we follow a person undressing, piece by piece. The person folds the clothes, one by one, meticulously. The techniques are drawn from DIY tutorials, the fashion industry, and the military. These are methods that focus on optimizing, refining, and streamlining – from the concrete to the abstract.

Axel Burendahl (b. 1985) is a graduate of the Malmö Art Academy and completed his MFA degree in 2018. He has recently exhibited at various venues including Bladr Copenhagen, OBRA Lund, and ERGO Collective Athens. In autumn 2023 he will participate in the Nordic Art Center Dale’s residency program.

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© Axel Burendahl, part of the installation “Squarehead”, 2023

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Event dates
22 September, 18:00
23 September, 12:00
24 September, 12:00