BEASTMODE – lecture performance
Hanni Kamaly
Using video, sculpture and performance, Kamaly produces research-based investigations that explores the relationship between the subject and object, phenomenology and the borders of existence. The project, presented as a performative lecture at Inter Arts Center, is based on researching the image of the beast and the savage alien within visual culture.
In this performative lecture, Kamaly reflects on methods of dehumanization, in particular the visual components of this process. Dehumanization is a removal of subjectivity where the vulnerability of individuals is disregarded. The process is often made by dividing nature and culture. This division contributes to the creation of the supernatural being, a creature with inhuman capabilities.
Through researching within the fields of colonialism, ethnography and cinematic history, Kamaly has gathered narratives and historical backgrounds where the super-human character plays a detrimental role. The work allows us to reflect upon depictions that fuels dehumanizing behavior, depictions that are often left unchallenged.
“What I felt, was the immense power that he had. I mean, the way I described it was like a 5 year old holding on to Hulk Hogan. That was just how big the man was.”
The performance incorporates a diversity in visual material encompassing popular culture, historical artifacts and social psychology, in which we are presented a narrative that leads us through a mind-map of connecting fields.
Hanni Kamaly is a research-based artist working with sculpture, video and performance in which she explores the relationship between the subject/object and the borders of existence. Her recent project is focused on dehumanization and representation through the diverse fields of anthropology, colonial history and popular culture.
Event dates
16 February, 19:00
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