Tim Bishop
Location: Black Room

‘Blackout’ is a unique and immersive new performance work for one person at a time by artist Tim Bishop. The work takes place in total darkness and uses spatial audio and haptic feedback to create a multi-sensory and evocative environment for a powerfully self-reflective experience. An unseen voice and a physical guide encourage participants on an introspective journey, exploring both virtual spaces and the physical room through 3D sound and touch. Mixing concepts such as mindfulness and object permanence with complete darkness and immersive technologies, ‘Blackout’ offers a powerfully experiential experience for each visitor to reflect on their own unique presence in the universe.

‘Blackout’ was first shown as a prototype at Stenkrossen in Lund in October 2019. It has its premiere at Dunkers kulturhus in December 2019 and has already been performed at Stenkrossen, Lund in January 2020. The work has been commissioned by Mono Festival of One-to-One Performance and is supported by Lunds kommun, BoostHbg, Sennheiser electronic GmbH and Lund University Humanities Lab.

Tim Bishop is a performance artist and spatial audio designer, living and working in Sweden. His practice focuses on creating personal connections between artwork and audience, prompting individual and, often, emotional responses through sensory, evocative and highly aesthetic experiences. His work has been shown in Sweden, Norway, Romania, Russia and the UK, including performances at Arnolfini gallery, Bristol, Lunds konsthall, Galleri CC in Malmö and Kulturhuset, Stockholm. Tim is also the founder and curator of Mono Festival.

Bookings start on March 4th, 2020, at 8.00 am. Book here.

Schedule for the performances

Thursday 2/4- every 30 mins between 15-17 and 19-22

Friday 3/4 – every 30 mins between 15-17 and 19-22

Saturday 4/4 – every 30 mins between 15-17 and 19-22

Sunday 5/4 – every 30 mins between 15-17 and 19-22

Event dates
2 April, 15:00
2 April, 19:00
3 April, 15:00
3 April, 19:00
4 April, 15:00
4 April, 19:00
5 April, 15:00
5 April, 19:00
Ticket prices dates
Entrance 80 kr