Blue Planet Sounds
Malthe Møhr Johnsen
Location: Black Room

Event days: 19th of April, 17:00, 20th and 21st of April, 12:00 till 18:00

1. Mys 2. Light 3. Dark 4. Pheno

The four pieces all consist of material taken from a screen recording of the episode Coral Reefs from the largely successful show Blue Planet II. Each of the four sound pieces are experienced through specific visuals. The visuals are an outcome of a layering of all the original videoclips where each categorized sound was presented. The video segments vary in length, so that the visual outcome is a constantly changing performance of floating, gliding, dancing and charging animal movements. These visuals are seen through the outline of four specific fonts, with each font presenting one of the four categories. Each of the fonts have been made in aesthetic consideration to specific movie posters, from movies which manifest themselves in an ocean setting. The chosen movies all narrate life in the ocean in different ways, and by that presents scenarios of how we as humans may relate to life in the ocean and the ocean in general


Event dates
19 April, 17:00
20 April, 12:00
21 April, 12:00