Cecilia Nordlund & Fullmånen Från Helvetet VS Elin Maria Johansson
A visual and musical study of the five elements in darkness
Location: Red Room

The experimental band Fullmånen Från Helvetet with lead singer Cecilia Nordlund and cello players Åsa Gjerstad and Christine Owman will together with visuals artist Elin Maria Johansson research how a collaboration could look and sound like. The aim with this project is to investigate what can happen in the meeting between Elin Maria Johansson’s visual images and sound and Fullmånen Från Helvetet’s music. The artists will experiment with different ways of combining live music, visual images and sounds with the approach that the visuals may act as one of the instruments in the compositions.

The idea is to work for two days together and then end with a public open work in progress lunch concert: Wednesday, 24 January, at 12:15–12:45.

Read more about Elin Maria Johansson here – elinmariajohansson.se

Read more about Cecilia Nordlund here – cecilianordlund.com

Event dates
24 January, 12:15