Chto Delat – A Border Musical. Screening in connection with Soft City in Malmö
Chto Delat
Location: Black Room

A Border Musical (49 mins, 2013) by Chto Delat concerns the tribulations of a Russian woman who falls in love with a Norwegian man on the arctic border between the two countries; Tanja´s problems begin when she has to choose where their son should grow up. Chto Delat´s film is a darkly comic tragedy in a Brechtian style, critical geopolitics on a human scale with sharp dialogue and beautiful melodramatic music.

Direction/screenplay: Chto Delat (Tsaplya/Olga Egerova/Dmitry Vilensky) in cooperation with Jesper Alvær. Photography: Artyom Ignatov. Actors: Anna Bulavina, Haldor Lægreid, Ketil Høegh, Maryon Eilertsen, Kristine Henriksen, Camilla Wiig Revholt, Ann Christin Elverum, Egor Semenkov, Nicolay Kurbatov, Mikhail Baranov, Andrey Molodchinin. Composer: Mikhail Krutik. Choreographer: Nina Gasteva. Producer: Pikene på Broen, in cooperation with FilmCamp, Filmgården, Bergen Assembly, Border Aesthetics ( UiT), and many others.

The collective Chto Delat (What is to be done?) is a group of artists, critics, philosophers and writers formed in St. Petersburg 2003. The group’s name recalls the first socialist workers’ self-organizations in Russia, which Lenin portrayed in his “What is to be done?” (1902).

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Event dates
4 September, 13:00
13 September, 13:00