Cognitive Acrobatics
The Unsuffering (Performance) Artists 
Location: Seminar Room

”Cognitive Acrobatics” are the mental exercises the Unsuffering (Performance) Artists use to avoid patterns that they no longer find useful or desirable. In their performance, they share their findings and conclusions about the motion of changing one’s behavioural patterns. With honesty and openness the artists have developed exercises with the intent of translating their internal acrobatics into physical movements, and by doing this, they also translate the feeling of being less than what they want; esthetically, ambitiously and emotionally. As a collective they thereby become each other’s eyes and ears, whilst becoming the missing parts in creating each other’s stories as collective performative pieces.

Unsuffering (Performance) Artists hope that these scenarios become recognizable to the audience. If not intellectually, then
bodily. With use of the things we do not yet master, as acrobatics, we challenge our perfectionism. Ideally helping ourselves and each other to not only change patterns but also accept parts of ourselves which are essentially parts of what it means to be a human. And if this is true for us, we must assume that it is true for some of you as well.

The Unsuffering (Performance) Artists consists of Cecilie Kappel, Konrad Holmqvist and Per Holmqvist. As a group they are interested in their generation’s need for productivity and how to navigate within the institutions that are an inherent part of their lives as studying artists. The name The Unsuffering (Performance) Artists is both a commentary towards their approach to artmaking and their critical view on the cemented idea of the “suffering artist”.

Event dates
21 January, 18:00