Concepts of:
Christina Isaxon, Leif Lönnblad, Kent Olofsson, Jakob Riis
Location: Red Room

Concepts of: is a cross disciplinary meeting between electroacoustic, acousmatic, spatial music, particle physics and aerosol technology.

The ideas and material for the two new compositions presented in this concert are developed in an interactive exchange of concepts and between scientists and composers.

Accepted models of various phenomena in the respective fields of the participants, are questioned and explored through four-dimensional, electronic, acousmatic compositions, in interaction with scientific models, in an intense and nuanced experience of spatial music and sound creating new frameworks that can mutually inspire.

Christina Isaxon, scientist
Leif Lönnblad, scientist
Kent Olofsson, composer
Jakob Riis, composer

Concepts of: are supported by Sound Environment Centre, Lund University


Kent Olofsson (*1962)
Klang/Raum: (in)harmony (10
Pulse/Trolley (8

Jakob Riis (*1964)
Concepts of Pilots (15’10)

Kent Olofsson (*1962)
Swarms I (9
Klang/Raum: collapsed (3

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Image credit: CERN

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Event dates
29 April, 20:00