CONCERT: Immanence: The Reconstructed Pipe Organ
Calum Builder
Location: Red Room

To access Inter Arts Center (IAC), at Bergsgatan 29, please use door code 123 at the entrance, and take stairs or elevator to the 4th floor. Free admission.

“Immanence” refers to an inherent dwelling, where the spiritual world permeates the physical. In a similar way, a pipe organ uses its breath (“spiritus”) to create sound. The spirit dwelling inside weaves throughout every inch of this creature until it finally manifests in a small cry or deep rumbling growl.

Calum Builder’s recent research has been devoted to exploring the personification and timbral potential of pipe organs. This focus culminated in the creation of a self-built portable instrument called the “Reconstructed Pipe Organ”. An instrument set free from captivity; this dismantled organ was created from pipes rescued from an old church. It has been brought down from the balcony to be reassembled and spread out amongst the room.

During his Make Sound Residency, Calum is developing new techniques and augmentations that are designed to expand the rhythmic, timbral, and tuning parameters of the “Reconstructed Pipe Organ”. Concurrently, in a collaborative effort with sound engineer Simon Mariegaard, Calum is investigating how to document and capture the instrument’s unique breaths, sighs, and growls.

The works of composer and saxophonist Calum Builder (AU) call forth immense waves of sound that wash afresh over the listener. From performing solo with saxophone and pipe organ to leading one of his eclectic ensembles, his compositions blend orchestrated elements to “bring about a symbiosis of overflowing beauty and rumbling disturbances”.

Calum Builder is an Australian saxophonist and composer who has been living in Copenhagen since 2018. Currently, he is composing for hybrid projects that range from installation works to classical/improvised ensembles. In 2022 he finished his artistic research position at RMC in conjunction with the Advanced Post-Graduate Degree (Soloist) program. 

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Calum Builder, photo: Andrej Thompson

Event dates
5 May, 15:00