Concert: Sirènes I chamber music with guitar / Inter Feral Arts Festival
Ensemble L’Itinéraire
Location: Red Room

The Ensemble l’Itinéraire is one of the main European ensembles dedicated to the performance of contemporary music, known in particular for its performances of spectral music works. Spectral music alters “timbres by assembling orchestral masses.” Based in Paris, the ensemble was founded in January 1973 by Michaël Lévinas, Tristan Murail, Hugues Dufourt, Gérard Grisey and Roger Tessier.

Michael Edgerton, Tempo Mental Rap, variation 1 for guitar
Kent Olofsson, Il Sogno di Tartini for violin & electronics
John Croft, Duo (Sereines II) for viola & guitar
John Croft, Quartet (Sereines IV) for fl, gtr, alt, vlc
Rebecca Saunders, Molly’s Song 3 – shades of crimson for alto flute, viola, steel-stringed acoustic guitar, 4 radios and a music box
Fernando Garnero, Limae Labor for amplified string trio and electric guitar

Bertrand Chavarria-Aldrete, guitar with

Julie Brunet-Jailly, flute
Mathilde Lauridon violin
Lucia Peralta, viola
Florian Lauridon, cello
Grégoire Lorieux, electronics

With the support of Institut Français.

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Event dates
29 October, 20:00