Concert: Trio Blurb
Trio Blurb
Location: Red Room

MIA ZABELKA – violin, vocals

Free improvisation from three highly individual musicians with backgrounds spanning a wide variety of musical experiences, the trio’s music both captures and enthrals with its immediacy and a shared, almost telepathic intimacy. Every performance is a unique event, specific to time and place, relying on a shared trust between the musicians, a common knowledge and respect of each other’s music and a desire to share the surprise and delight of the moment. From a stylistic canvas that moves between the smallest sounds to grand gesture the energy is palpable. This attention to all aspects of sound production being treated as possible musical material adds to the multidimensionality of the music and is used to clarify and elucidate and never to over simplify or over complicate. Aiming to be as clear and truthful to the musical imperative as it unfolds, the trio present the audience with a direct and uncompromising involvement in the music they create.

Event dates
24 May, 19:30
Ticket prices dates
50 kr
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