Connect 2023: Red Shadow
Veronika Krøll Voetmann, Thomas O'Neill, Erik Valdemar Sköld, Emil Andrén, Emma Kragh-Elmøe, Julia Johansson, Elias Von Proschek, Alvi Joensen, Julia Johansson, Gonçalo A. Rodrigues, Natalie Schäfer, Elin Eriksson, Sara Terzic, Pauline Lunow, Inês Carolina Batista Paiva, Christoffer Breman
Location: Red Room

Welcome to this year’s CONNECT festival, which will take place at three local venues in downtown Malmö. This year’s festival focuses on the theme “Paradoxes”, and explores its essence in music as well as in life. We are thrilled to invite you to join us for three days, diving into the world of newly composed music.

To perform with us this year, we are proud to present the Göteburg based ensemble Gageego! Gageego! was founded in 1995 and specializes in exploring and making contemporary music more accessible. As one of the most important new forces in Music Sweden, the ensemble is appreciated for interpreting today’s music at the highest technical and artistic level in a fun and curious way.

Also we are happy to present our two recurring events: REAKTION! Ensemble – consisting of handpicked musicians, chosen by the organiser, and a concert in the Red Room at IAC feat. students from Malmö Theatre Academy, set in the world of electro acoustic sounds.

“Red Shadow” feat. Malmö Theatre Academy
Saturday, 18th February, at 19:00
Location: Red Room, IAC / free admission

The programme (duration: ca. 45 minutes)

Cathedral by Veronika Krøll VoetmannThe piece seeks to give the listener the sonic illusion of being inside a cathedral, and explores the qualities of the resonant space in an ambisonic environment. Recorded performers: percussion played by: Daniel Alin, throat singing by: Thomas O’Neill 

Body of Water by Erik Valdemar SköldFor Violin and Clarinet with Video by Erik Valdemar Sköld. Musicians & performers: Emil Andrén – Clarinet, Emma Kragh-Elmøe – Violin; Julia Johansson – performer.

Untitled pieces by Elias Von ProschekAcousmatic music in an ambisonic environment.

Koma by Alvi Joensen: The piece KOMA is the artistic rendering of a person in a coma. The in and out of conscientiousness, the awareness of the surroundings, doctors, nurses and family, and the dreams and nightmares, and the feelings of the person in a coma. Electronic with Julia Johansson – performer.

Monologue V by Gonçalo A. RodriguesThe piece is part of a series of pieces for solo instruments, from which the composer tries to gain experience and knowledge about each instrument and its specific characteristics. In this case it is a piece for solo electronics, which speaks of the 4 elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire.

Heaven by Natalie SchäferWhat if you are looking into the sky? What if you are looking into the sky and you are feeling safe? What if you are looking into the sky and you are afraid? What if you think that nothing will be like before? Heaven can mean a lot of positive things to us. But during the last 15 years it became more and more a negative symbol. “Heaven” includes deep emotions and pictures. The music should speak on its own. Musicians & performers: Lyric soprano: Elin Eriksson; Solo Violin: Sara Terzic; Wine glass players: Pauline Lunow, Inês Carolina Batista Paiva, Christoffer Breman; dance and lightning: Julia Johansson


Friday 17th February, at 17:00
Location: St. Petri kyrka

RED SHADOW feat. Malmö Theatre Academy
Saturday, 18th February, at 19:00
Location: Inter Arts Center, Red Room

Sunday 19th February, at 16:00
Location: Landstingssalen, Rådhuset

Admission to all concerts is free.

Connect festival is an annual event for contemporary music organized by the composition/arranging students at Malmö Academy of Music. The festival focuses on new music composed by the students as well as interdisciplinary projects. This includes collaborations with students from Malmö Theatre Academy. Each year the festival is given a theme that the composers can use as a guide for their compositions. For each Connect Festival, the chamber ensemble REAKTION! Ensemble is put together by the festival organisers. The non-profit association Tongeneration was founded to take care of the financial and legal aspects of Connect Festival. Some of the composition seminars will be used for planning the festival, which usually takes place in February.

Event dates
18 February, 19:00