Festival for contemporary music
Location: Red Room

‘Connect’ is an annual festival for contemporary music, arranged by the composer students at Malmö Academy of Music. This year the composer students collaborate with performance students from the Malmö Theatre academy to make the concert objects.


17.30 Objects

’Objects’ is an investigative concert where composers and performers explore the inner sounds of objects in our daily lives. With different expressions and tools, they will invite the audience to reflect on simple things like a frying pan or the larger questions of humanity.

19.30 ‘Tradition and modernity’ / MiniM ensemble and Andrea Pisu

Together with “Hertzbreakerz”, a curatorial group within the Ars Nova society, MiniM ensemble and Andrea Pisu present ‘Tradition and modernity’ – a concert featuring the Sardinian instrument launeddas, alternating two traditional “suonatas” with two contemporary compositions based on the suonatas themselves.

Gioacchino Comparetto – Recorder
Gaetano Costa – Saxophone
Andrea Pisu – Launeddas
Riccardo Sarti och Paolo Pastorino – Electronics

MiniM Ensemble performs traditional Sardinian music as well as new compositions by Lucio Garau. The composer Lucio Garau has been inspired by the traditional Sardinian instrument Launeddas, while composing for the MiniM ensemble. Launeddas is a 2600 year old polyphonic instrument within the Woodwind family.

The concert will be performed in Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö in collaboration with Samtida Musik (Stockholm), Levande Musik (Göteborg) and Hertzbreakerz / Ars Nova Malmö.

Please check the Facebook page for more information: ‘Connect Festival’

Event dates
8 February, 17:30
8 February, 19:30