Costume sampling
Charlotte Østergaard
Location: Black Room

Embodied making and moving experimentation/conversations

Every day at 10.00–15.00 (including the weekend) – you can participate one or several days. If daytime is impossible to fit into your program, it’s also possible to do some late afternoon and evening sessions.

In the costume salons you will explore, experiment, and discuss particular costume material though the acts of making and moving. Some salons might be quite psychical (exploring how specific costume material affects wearer(s)/performer(s) to, for example, imagine character or create movement scores or other) other salons will be more conversational (for example discussing ways of collaborating). However, what happens in the specific salons depends on the people participating.

No specific skills are required apart from being curious, playful, and willing to share your ideas, questions, and reflections.

Are you interested in expanding your costume knowledge, are you interested in exploring how to improvise with costume material, are you interested in new or other ways of collaborating/cocreating?

Then maybe you are interested in participating one or several days. Please sign in at:

The salons are a part of Charlotte Østergaard’s artistic research: ‘Crafting Material Bodies – radical co-creation in the field of costume design’.

Read more here about Charlotte Østergaard’s artistic research in the Research Portal –

Read more about Charlotte Østergaard as PhD student at IAC.

Event dates
1 November, 10:00
2 November, 10:00
3 November, 10:00
4 November, 10:00
5 November, 10:00
6 November, 10:00
7 November, 10:00
8 November, 10:00
9 November, 10:00
10 November, 10:00
11 November, 10:00
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