Dance-thought – Samtidsverket presents Björn Säfsten and Sebastian Lingserius in a lecture performance.
Björn Säfsten, Sebastian Lingserius

How do we create new understandings of what we see by exploring “in” practice, within the actual doing? What happens when instead of considering and talk about what we see from the outside, from a distance, enter into a subjective clinch with the very topic?

Dance-Thought is a performance lecture discussing the concept of choreography and reflection upon how thinking influence our perception of choreography.

Säfsten Production is a platform for choreographic creation and experimentation. An intertwinement of theory and practice, it manifests itself through artists joining forces in speculation and critical formation within the fields of choreography, politics, language and identity production. A platform for experimentation, a platform for a changing constellation of artists and a base for continuous artistic research within the field of choreography.

In the work and practice of choreographer Björn Säfsten, the body and the mind and its connected actions are scrutinized, dissected and exposed. The focus is on creating “another body”, another notion of human physicality, bringing images to life that visually problematize our notion of human nature. The physical practice exposes images that result from a certain physical action, in a random way. The work thus takes visual twists and turns, often moulding itself while being performed, establishing itself anew each time for each audience encounter.

Event dates
14 November, 18:00