Dark Emotions / Residency showing
Zwoisy Mears-Clarke, Assi Pakkanen
Location: Black Room

Write-up for the showing:

As the closing of his residency “Dark Emotions,” Zwoisy invites you to witness the first bodily, tactile results of his research. The movements that surround the emotions of shame, disgust, anger, and love will be shared as non-visual dance, presented in a pitch-black room and witnessed through touch as opposed to with vision. For every hour listed below, there will be two back-to-back 15-minute showings followed by a 30-minute feedback session; the persons in the earlier 15-minute showing are encouraged to stay and join the feedback session.

Spaces are limited, so please register by sending an email to dark.emotions2018@gmail.com with the day and time you’d like to attend.

Mon. Jan. 7     15.00-18.00h & 19.30-21.30h

Tue.   Jan. 8     11.00-12.00h & 13.00-16.00h

Photo credits: Karsten Hein

Event dates
7 January, 15:00
7 January, 19:30
8 January, 11:00
8 January, 13:00
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