Duo Hellqvist/Amaral, Disobediences in Sound
Heloisa Amaral, Alberto Bernal, Karin Hellqvist, Kent Olofsson
Location: Red Room

‘Disobediences in Sound’ is a musical exploration of the convergence between noise and resistance. Noise as a sonorous image that refuses a pre-established (musical? social?) order and that proposes other (utopian?) spaces of aesthetic experience. Disobedience as a radical stance, as dissidence, with a (sonorous?) resistance as its uppermost consequence, but also as a search, within the realm of aesthetics, of a utopia denied to us within the realm of the social. Sonorous disobediences as a principle and as a bold start.

Initiated by Duo Hellqvist/Amaral (violin and piano) with composer and sound artist Alberto Bernal, the project brings together artists from different generations and geographies (Sweden, Israel, United States, Norway, Spain and Brazil), who, either through the conceptual proposition or through their choice of formats, draw markedly different approaches to the idea of sound disobediences. Thus, with the piano and violin duo as starting point, works will include the use of electronic sounds and video (Lisa Streich, Kent Olofsson, Marina Rosenfeld and Alberto Bernal), exacerbated virtuosity (Dror Feiler), improvisation (Rosenfeld) or performance (María Salgado & Fran Cabeza de Vaca).

The project will take the shape of a concert and will be developed through a series of workshops. In addition, it will feature parallel events such as talks, panel discussions as well as an audiovisual installation of the Norwegian video artist Bodil Furu.

Concert programme:

Kent Olofsson (SE): TEND for violin, piano and electronics (2018) First performance!

Alberto Bernal (ES): numbers #2 “variations on a theme by Brahms”, violin, piano, video and electronics  (2018)

Natasha Barrett (UK/NO): Allure and Hoodwink for violin, piano and electronics (2014)

Performers: Karin Hellqvist – violin, Heloisa Amaral – piano, Kent Olofsson – electronics and sound diffusion

Photo credits: Jacob Blickenstaff/NYC Times

Event dates
27 September, 19:00