Eareye: “Way Forward Touch”
Cecilia Bengtsson
Location: Red Room

Listen with your eyes and see with your ears. A three-day bash of dance, music and performance.

Welcome to a festival indulging in deep, playfully obsessive attention: Choreographic works that are poems. Highly performative concerts. A dance that examines the body as a musical instrument. Another that is music for the eye. EAREYE is a festival that listens with its eyes and see with its ears, curated by choreographer Alma Söderberg.

Saturday, 7 March
17.00 Cecilia Elinor Bengtsson “Way Forward Touch”, Red Room, IAC

Cecilia Bengtsson is an artist and classically trained musician who lives and works in Amsterdam. She creates art experiences for audiences and participants where she explores relations between humans, sounds and sculptural objects specifically focused on the concept of letting go. During February and March, she will work in residency at Inter Arts Center with her project ‘Way Forward Touch’, where she works with visually impaired people creating workshops where participants explore sculptural objects and sound relations together.

Cecilia Bengtsson is interested in connections and discords between visual and non-visual perceptions and is drawing upon philosophy like Karen Barad’s idea of the ‘cut’ and Jean Luc Nancy’s writings on Listening and sound. In and through artworks, that are experiences, she investigates the interrelations of the world.

At the EAREYE festival she will share experiences and results from her time in residency in the form of a lecture which will be held in Swedish.

Event dates
7 March, 17:00