Enacted Knowledge: A Model for the promotion of Sustainable Choices 
Henrik Haller, Jörgen Dahlqvist, Sima Wolgast, Johannes Stripple, Ruben Ritzén, Peo Hedvall
Location: Red Room

This seminar brings together methods and knowledge from the Performing Arts with research from other fields to find a model for staging and disseminating knowledge with the intention of societal change. The seminar is based on questions such as how individuals can make simple sacrifices to stop global warming and contribute to a more sustainable society. The ambition is to create a model to promote sustainable choices for the individual – is it possible? Over two days, cases, methods and research from different fields will be discussed to create a common vocabulary around the different ways of looking at knowledge and how to advocate change towards a more sustainable society.

The seminar is organized by Malmö Theatre Academy at Lund University and Mid Sweden University.

Have a look at the programme here (in Swedish) (PDF, 101 kB, new tab).

If you are interested in participating, please email jorgen.dahlqvist@thm.lu.se.

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Event dates
15 May, 11:15
16 May, 10:30