EW-4 / LU FTSTR OM / concert
Beat Hofstetter, Sascha Armbruster , Andrea Formenti, Beat Kappeler, Sebastian Schottke
Location: KHM Gallery 2, 3rd Floor

How do we imagine the music of the future? Which sounds will fascinate the audience in a couple of years?

The four performers of EW-4 (Electronic Wind Quartet) venture a glimpse into the future: with their wind controllers they trigger different sound and light sources and create kind of an audiovisual electronic chamber music. Together with composers and electronic music specialists the four performers are exploring new sounds and possibilities for wind controller.

Since more than twenty years the four musicians of the ARTE Quartet are discovering new sounds on the different Saxophones. Expanding the colors and possibilities of the instrument, more and more electronic devices have been added to their live performances.

Therefore EW-4 is a logical consequence: the four Saxophones are replaced by four wind controllers.

Different and simultaneously usable possibilities of modulation allow the players a complex, multilayered and vivid control of the sounds. An interaction of man and machine is reflected artistically, new sounds and images are emerging.

This project was developed as the first Make Sound residency at IAC in the White Room in 2017. Now after touring it comes back to perform in the same space (now called KHM Gallery 2) it was developed.

Works by Emilio Guim, Kaj Duncan David, Orm Finnendahl and Yannis Kyriakides

Beat Hofstetter
Born in Laufen (Switzerland). Performance and education studies for Saxophone and Conducting at the Conservatory in Basel, Northwestern University in Chicago (master of music) and “Hochschule für Musik” in Karlsruhe (Germany). Conducting  various ensembles and orchestras. Winner of various grants and competitions in Switzerland. Teaching at Hochschule für Musik in Basel and Musikhochschule Lucerne.

Sascha Armbruster
Born in Lahr (Germany). Performance studies for Saxophone in Basel with Iwan Roth and Marcus Weiss. «Premier Prix à l’unanimité» at the Conservatoire Supérieur National de Paris with  Claude Delangle. Winner of various competitions. Performing regularly as a chamber musician and with various orchestras throughout Europe. Teaching at the  Musikhochschule Lucerne.

Andrea Formenti
Born in Balerna (Switzerland). Teachers and Soloist Diploma in the class of Iwan Roth at the Conservatory in Basel. Winner of various grants and competitions. Music Teacher at Gymnasium Münchenstein.

Beat Kappeler
Born in Reinach (Switzerland). Diploma for Saxophone in the class of Iwan Roth at the Conservatory in Basel. Concert Diploma for Saxophone at  the Musikhochschule Zürich in the class of Marcus Weiss. Studies in electronic music. Performances with various chamber ensembles and orchestras. Beat Kappeler teaches Saxophone at different musicschools and highschools in Kanton Baselland

Sebastian Schottke – technical execution and sound engineering

Event dates
7 December, 20:00