Fabio Monni plays Bernard Parmegiani – Espèces d’espace and Litaniques
Location: Red Room

Fabio Monni loves the discreet inclusion of electronic sounds on instrumental performance as well as the use of sounding objects. The space of the performance and the possibilities to spatialise the sonic sources into it, is something he always had a soft spot for. Clearly, Fabio used the space in many of his creations.

How could the characteristics of a certain venue influence the composer’s work and be implemented in the compositions, is a question that Fabio Monni tried to answer through several works. His composer activity is more than often paralleled with the love for drawing with ink and watercolour and his daily job as church musician in Lund.


Bernard Parmegiani (1927–2013)
– Espèces d’espace (d’après Georges Perec), 2004
– Litaniques, 1987

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Event dates
27 April, 20:00