Festa del Grido III
Francesco Fonassi
Location: Black Room

Listening sessions: 17.00–18.30
Food: 18.30–19.30
Lecture/performance: 19.30–21.30

Before the lecture, a listening session will take place with a selection of multichannel sound pieces, reworks, soundtracks, recordings and sonic débris from Francesco Fonassi’s expanded archive. In between there will be a break with food an socializing.

To attend, write a mail with your name to info@iac.lu.se with the topic “Francesco Fonassi” by December 16th.

Third act of Festa del Grido (the ‘shout’ celebration), a series of performative lectures/workshops started in 2014 meant to create temporary conditions and mindsets where to test different ways to influence, behave and generate empathic significance through vocal and sound practices both in public spaces and natural landscapes.

The title refers to el grito mexicano (the cry of Dolores) – happening in the memorial day of the Mexican War of Independence – and its description as evoked in ‘El Laberinto de la Soledad’ by Octavio Paz, where the duration of the public shouting in the Mexican squares every September 16th, lasts ’’within the space of an hour’’.

Central topics in the development of this half-ritualistic encounter are permanence and occupation within time, policies of listening and disturbance, yet related to a more reflective and spiritual aim of widest electronic sound research at the present times.

Experiencing and speaking of listening relations, hearing thresholds, sound fields inter-modulations, participants will be invited to join the lecture either way as pure listeners or active subjects.

After Jerzy Grotowski and Max Neuhaus’s practices, which were debated at the first two lectures, Festa del Grido III, will refer to the work and thinking of composer Pauline Oliveros, theoretician and urbanist Leonardo Cardoso, electronic engineer and philosopher Vlad Kreimer, independent researcher and writer Juliette Volcler.

Festa del Grido III is part of a midterm project with Inter Art Centrer.

Francesco Fonassi is working at IAC on a three month residency through the IASPIS programme.

Read more the about Francesco’s Iaspis residency here.

Event dates
17 December, 17:00