Filip Vest
Malmö Gallery Weekend 2023
Location: Red Room

Friday, 22 September, at 18:15: Performance
Saturday, 23 September, 12:00–16:00: Video work
Sunday, 24 September, 12:00–16:00: Video work

At the Malmö Gallery Weekend, Filip Vest in collaboration with Rasmus Balling will show a work-in-progress version of “Self Tape”. The performance will take place on Friday at 18:15, while a video work will be on view during the weekend.

“Self Tape” (working title) is a performance in development by Filip Vest dealing with sexuality, identity, film, precarious work, seduction, loss and violence. “Self Tape” explores the ways in which we create our identities, and try to control the narrative about ourselves and our relations. It’s a work about “main character energy”,  manic voice overs, and about what it means to constantly apply for your own job and audition for a role in the film, that is your life. The performance is inspired by the “self tape”, a short clip of an acting audition that an actor records at home and submits to casting directors to audition for a role. But the script also plays with another meaning of the word “tape” and how it literally becomes the tape that glues the self together.

Filip Vest (DK, b. 1995) holds an MFA from Malmö Art Academy. Through performances, installations, films and texts, he examines queer love, loneliness and desire in the 21st century. Using rehearsal methods from theatre he tests the relationship between text and body and the ways in which we constantly negotiate our identities and the narratives we’re part of. The characters in his work often fail and forget their lines and the social codes of the space as they go through different transformations. Through mobile phones, walls and windows, they communicate and miscommunicate across species and time in a vast network of small and large things affecting each other. Filip Vest has previously shown his work at The National Gallery of Denmark, Copenhagen Contemporary, Møstings, Nikolaj Kunsthal, Charlottenborg, Tallinn Art Hall and for Manifesta13.

Photo credits: Filip Vest, The Wide-Mouthed Frog, In-Q, Inkonst, 2023. Photo: Micaela Blomqvist

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Event dates
22 September, 18:15
23 September, 12:00
24 September, 12:00