Formationer (Formations) / Work in progress viewing/talk
Jonas Olesen, Michael Mørkholt
Location: Red Room

At IAC Jonas Olesen & Michael Mørkholt will be working on further development of their audio-visual piece “Formationer” (Formations). In the piece they explore the formations of organic moving figures projected on paper sheets. The piece uses loudspeakers, mirror foil and sinewave generators. The mirror foil is mounted on loudspeaker cones, and mechanically animated by playing various frequency sweeps with the generators. A number of lamps shines light on the mirror foil that are then reflected onto paper sheets hanging from the ceiling. The investigation is thus a combination of the aesthetic of purely abstract forms, and their relationship with exact frequency combinations.

A small scale version of the piece was exhibited summer 2023 at Stevns Fyrcenter, Denmark.

Read more about Jonas’ and Michel’s Make Sound Residency here.

Event dates
13 December, 14:00